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the dinosaur did it

September 13, 2008

dearests– are you my dearests now– were you ever– will you always be?

facebook undid me.  an accumulation of too many fake and real friends drove me to the safety of a blog, where conceivably i have no friends.  you never saw someone so inept before the lap of a computer– like virgin, as the unforgettable song goes.   and yet so in awe; look!  look what can be done!  your reality and my reality can co-habitate.  they could even have tea together, if they agreed about flavor.

what does reality taste like?

twentyfourhouryoga– that’s what it’s come to.  sage advice says to do what needs to be done, or meditation and yoga will be impossible;  the things/people that have not been tended to will demand just that:your time.  when you take care of what needs attention, to be present is sweet, is simple, is the opposite of trigonometry and setting up blogs.  is the opposite of flossing with too little floss remaining.  is the opposite of wanting to be everywhere at once except in the lap of exactly where you are.

the sun is so bright outside (in boulder!) and i don’t want to become one of those people whose face grows whitegreen in a way that mimics the backdrop of her blog.  but i can feel this urge and pulse and commotion in my heart to do this thing.  to put wordpackage love out there in another way.  to question what is questionable.

come visit me but don’t ask to be my friend. if you have a beating heart you probably already are.  if you are reading this without a beating heart please post a comment.

thank you, jamie counsellor of the teapot.  right now you’re the only one who knows this exists.