massive missive is…

the little unblog that could

this “unblog” masquerading as blog started as long emails home from thailand during a nine month stay.

now, those missives have morphed into something a bit more gargantuan.  i feel tiny by comparison.

big and growing, like this

not holding back

i’ve noticed for so much of life, we hold a little something back.

but what?  i teach students to write.  the last thing i want to teach them to do is hold back.

yes, what?

the flowers don’t hold back when they are in the light.  unless they die from exposure, they bloom unchecked.

this blog is a place for my occasional essays to live in the light.

massive missive considers the dhammapada an artist’s statement

the dhammapada insists all is mind.  but not just the aspect mind that seems to be parked in the head, that reasons things out and understands them.  

rather, it insists on a broader (and, I think, more compelling) “mind” that lives in and includes the heart, its “mother’s palace.”

the world in which we  exist, and which I write to reckon with, is not “out there.”  it is an ongoing construction project between perception and receptivity, projection and overlapping subjectivities (after you go to grad school, you can make “subjectivity” plural).

so art–here, writing–allows for keeping the aperture of the mind-in-the-heart wide, the filter loose.  awareness is our power tool. feeling is our vehicle. we see the world and ourselves for what it is (and we are). and we make it what it is.

tea is important to navigate the dark

to support this process of noticing unflinchingly, massive missive drinks and rhapsodizes about and is somewhat addicted to jasmine tea. the bitter & the sweet & a cup that empties.


now, massive missive has morphed into a shelf on which to “eff” both the effable and ineffable alike.  it wants to talk with you, about the things that matter to all of us. i hope you will talk back to it.

these essays welcome the real world and home-brewed spirituality.  they welcome nerdy academic delights and the coily mortal coil.  they welcome what breaks our hearts only to make them bigger, more fit for the world that is the case.

i thank my teachers, past, present and imaginary, with all that i am.

prayer for visitor to this transit

may you be happy,

may you be healthy,

may you be safe,

may you be at ease.

the loving kindness meditation, which never gets stale.

may this writing facilitate living with heart.

if what you read here speaks to something in you, please share with reckless abandon! for  “the darkness around us is deep”– William Stafford.

she’s sitting in the middle of It and has no use for margins


One Response to “massive missive is…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Your massive missive is just beautiful and so authentic. If we all could dwell in the mind of our hearts, wouldn’t there be so much more joy and fulfillment without Self-consciousness. So write on, with abandon from your “mother’s palace”

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