this vessel

That's my parent's foot you see...(Reading at Unnameable)

That’s my parent’s foot you see…(Reading at Unnameable)


I aspire to take the Alan-Watts “wiggly” view of the world.  It’s hard to parse things.  We exist as One wiggle under G, or The Great Giggle That Surpasseth Understanding.

I so love this world– sometimes it is problematic, and bigger than any “about” page.  I reckon with that here.  That Love.  The ache that is its counterpart.

When I am not writing or being temperamental about writing, I’m teaching  middle schoolers and high schoolers to write about what matters to them most and to give grammar a chance to be grander. I’m lucky enough to work at some kick-ass do-gooder organizations, and to run my own business teaching personal essay writing to students seeking a transformative path to college admissions. These are the kind of things people say in bios, right?

I am married to an amazing artist-fencer-teacher and I have two step-sons, who appear in this blog because of their unforgivable awesomeness and quotability. Often the kids’ view of life is superior to the adults’. Remember this.  We live in Brooklyn in a Castle with Parrots, Lizards (want one?) and a lot of books.

Here’s the problem with bios: An identity is largely a decision, and I’m indecisive.

And as for a photo, a photo is worth a thousand words, so please start writing.

My teachers...

My teachers…


4 Responses to “this vessel”

  1. saraknowsyou Says:

    You’re welcome (whoever reads this!) to help me aggrandize or diminish the contents of this page. An identity is largely a decision, and I’m indecisive.

  2. Julie Says:

    Hi Sara! We are thoroughly enjoying your beautiful take on this wiggly world! Thank you, thank you. Come by when you return and let us feed you dinner in gratitude! Love, Julie and gang

  3. Becky Counsellor Says:

    Dear Sara-
    I’m sitting here on an early winter morning at HL. Reading your MI adventure was fun as I could relate to the sites with familiarity. After all, this is where I live. Blueberries Forever!

    I also recognized your Paris kitchen colander w/veggies. 🙂

    • saraknowsyou Says:

      My own mother is eating blueberries flown in from Argentina as I write and as the snow falls.
      I just wanted the Paris veggies to feel included in the veggie love.

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